meet giselle
nyc brow artist: @fancyfacesnycstudio

Giselle is a New Yorker with enormous hustle and grit. In 2018, while her career in the hospitality and restaurant industries was thriving, she decided to pursue her passion of brow sculpting as a side-hustle. Today, after graduating our  Launchpad Program and just two years, she has built a thriving 6-figure business and is on her way to a quarter-million dollars. If you can see yourself in her journey, you can do it too!



OVER 250K in just 3 years.

Giselle, started doing brows and lashes out of her home while managing a full-time job. She was unsure of what the future held, but she followed her passion and dreams. 

Giselle graduated from our Launchpad Program. She secured a salon suite (short-term, month to month) for Fancy Faces NYC, quit her full-time job and committed to growing her permanent makeup business full-time. 


 In this season of business, she focused on attracting as many people as possible via social media.

She earned $1,500/month.

In this season of business, she focused on enhancing her client experience.

She earned $4,000/month.


Keep going

Her work was featured on Good Morning America, and she banked over $12,000 over 4 weeks during the NYC pandemic shutdown. 

Giselle worked with an interior designer to curate an on-brand, elevated studio design for her clients and even hired her first employee! 


The Fancy Faces NYC studio has secured its own commercial space and 3-year, long-term lease.

She earned $6-7,000/month.

In this season of business, Giselle is highly focused on client retention. 

She earns $8-11,000/month.

Giselle has surpassed levels 1-3 of our Beauty Pro Ascension Model, built a solid 6-figure business, and is growing her team.

She is now slowly tapping into Level 4, The Educator, and is bringing in an additional $3-4,000/month while working with us in our Mastery Level offer for this category. 

She is in position to unlock Level 5 of The Model and earn a quarter-million dollars within the next  year!



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