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the #1 business school for beauty professionals in the world

I'm a mom, mentor, and founder of SmartBeauty Pros, the top-rated business school for service-based beauty professionals.

I hold a finance degree from St. John's University and worked in corporate America before quitting my day job to pursue my passion and talents within beauty. What started as me doing permanent makeup in a tiny 72 sq.ft. room in a 3rd floor walk-up, turned into a million-dollar + empire with multiple locations in less than 3 years.

In 2019, I successfully sold the beauty studios to focus on educating beauty professionals. I realized that beauty/esthetics schools DO NOT  teach business systems and are actually rigged AGAINST the beauty entrepreneur.

I've coached over 200 women from all over the world to over $100,000 in revenue and currently have hundreds enrolled in our programs. Our students have collectively made over $11 million dollars since 2019.

Ready to build your beauty business with the right tools? 


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